Responsible Terrorism

A. Scott Piraino

President Bush is absolutely right to call our terrorist enemies “Islamic Fascists“. But calling them fascists implies that they are not reasonable or rational, and therefore not responsible. That is not true.

There is a logical explanation, if not a proper reason, for Islamic terrorism.

In an interview broadcast after the September 11th attacks Osama Bin Laden claims that we “bear hate and grudge against Islam“. He continues by saying “The US government has committed acts that are extremely unjust, hideous and criminal“.

Well, what exactly are the hideous and criminal acts that we’ve committed against Islam?

The truth is the United States has had very few military conflicts with the Arab world. The US Navy engaged the Barbary corsairs early in the 19th Century. Our troops fought in North Africa in World War II, but we were fighting the Germans, not Muslims. The US also intervened to separate warring factions in Lebanon and to deliver food to starving Somalis. Finally, Presidents Reagan and Clinton ordered air strikes in retaliation for terrorist bombings.

The Gulf War in 1990 was the first war the United States waged against an Islamic nation before September 11th 2001.

By contrast, Britain and France occupied many Islamic nations for over a century, and created the modern geopolitical map of the Middle East. Britain carved Persia into Iraq and Iran, and it was Britain that gave the Israelis control of Palestine. The French suppressed Arab nationalists, and fought viciously to keep Algeria a French colony after WW II.

The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, and today the Russians are fighting a war against the Muslims of Chechnya. Serbia has ethnically cleansed hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo. And let’s not forget Saddam Hussein. His unprovoked war against Iran left 400,000 soldiers dead on both sides.

If Al Qaeda’s real purpose is to strike at those who “bear hate“ against Islam, they would be attacking the Serbs, the Russians, or maybe the British and French.

Osama Bin Laden is a psychotic murderer and we should never have had anything to do with him. But the fact is, he formed Al-Qaeda and declared a holy war against “Jews and Crusaders“ after we helped him drive the Russians out of Afghanistan.

Bin Laden’s reasoning makes no sense, but that is not because he’s irrational, he is simply lying. The truth is Osama bin laden has only made one statement that provides the real motivation for his attacks against us. Here it is.

“Our terrorism is a good accepted terrorism because it is against America, it is for the purpose of defeating oppression so America would stop supporting Israel, who is killing our children.”

When Israel was recognized by the United Nations in 1948, Arab armies from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon attempted to drive them into the sea. The Israelis held their ground, then launched an offensive that drove the Arab armies from their territory.

Then in 1956 Egypt‘s President Nasser tried to strangle Israel by closing the Suez Canal to Israeli shipping. Israel launched a coordinated air and ground assault that captured the Sinai peninsula, and forced Egypt to settle the canal dispute.

By 1967, another war was inevitable. Faced with an imminent invasion, Israel launched an air campaign that destroyed the Arab air forces. Then the Israeli army routed the Arabs and captured the West Bank, Gaza strip, and Jerusalem in only six days.

In 1973 Egypt and Syria made a final attempt to destroy Israel by launching an invasion on the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur. The Israelis were taken by surprise and took heavy casualties fighting on two fronts. Only superior Israeli generalship allowed the Israelis to regroup, and counter-attack into Egypt and Syria.

With a population of only five million citizens, Israel has repeatedly defeated the Arab armies of the Middle East. The Israelis have also occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank and Gaza Strip since 1967, and forced these Muslims to live under an Israeli government. These humiliations at the hands of Israel are the real motivation behind Islamic terrorism.

When Egypt’s President Nasser led the Arab Alliance in wars against Israel he proclaimed his intentions were, “the eradication of Israel“. In 1956 he made the Arab opinion of Israel clear, “There will be no peace on Israel’s border because we demand vengeance, and vengeance is Israel’s death“. On the eve of the war in 1967 he said, “We will not accept any…coexistence with Israel…The war with Israel is in effect since 1948”.

President Nasser‘s statements sound similar to the rhetoric of today‘s Islamic terrorists, but when Nasser spoke, the Arab world still believed they could destroy Israel. After 1973 no Arab army could openly challenge Israel on the battlefield. So they began waging war by other means, with guerrilla attacks, hijackings, and terrorism.

The PLO began as an umbrella group for various Palestinian factions fighting Israel, and emerged as the leading Islamic terrorist group of the 1970‘s. The PLO was guided by the Palestinian National Covenant, a document with the clearly stated goal of “the elimination of Zionism in Palestine”.

Hezbollah was founded in 1985 as a Shia militant organization committed to destroying the “Zionist entity“. Hamas was formed in the late 1980s by Palestinians in the occupied territories. The Charter forming the group clearly states that, “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it“.

When Islamic fascism was brought home to the United states on September 11th, 2001, Americans were shocked to see Palestinians celebrating by dancing in the streets. Most of us didn‘t see a connection between the 9/11 attacks, Al-Qaeda, and Israel. But to the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world, the connection was obvious. They were elated because we were finally made to pay for our support of the Jewish state.

The Arab world loathes the State of Israel. They are Islam‘s true enemy, not the Russians, the Serbs, or even Saddam Hussein.

The Arab powers have tried every means to annihilate the Jewish state. If they had succeeded there would be no Hamas, Hezbollah, or Al-Qaeda. But Israel has survived, and grown into a prosperous, modern democracy.

For the Islamic world, this is the worst humiliation of all.

While Israel has prospered, the Arab nations have stagnated. Islamic governments have squandered their oil wealth on their own opulent regimes, or purchased weapons to make war on each other. In many Arab countries, per-capita incomes, educational levels, and living standards have declined.

A report commissioned by the United nations in 2002 illustrates how far Islamic civilization has fallen behind the modern world. The gross domestic product for all Arab countries is less than the GDP of Spain. Arab unemployment, at 15 percent, is the highest in the developing world. This dismal economic performance is despite over three trillion dollars in oil revenue investment over the past 20 years.

The UN report also cites a more ominous statistic: 51 percent of older adolescents expressed a desire to emigrate, citing lack of education, freedom, and job opportunities. The cities of the Islamic world are seething with underemployed Muslim men whose best hope for a better life is emigration to Europe or the United states. These radicalized, frustrated young men have become the standard bearers of Islamic terrorism.

Modern Muslims are faced with a stark choice: Accept their part in their military, economic, and cultural failures… Or blame someone else.

These are sick people. People who desperately want to believe that they are the victims of a conspiracy by “Jews and Crusaders“. That Israel and the United States are the source of all their troubles. Otherwise they would be responsible.

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