The End is Near

A. Scott Piraino

I am embarrassed to be an American today, and more than that, I really fear for our future. The majority of Americans have voted to re-elect George W. Bush, knowing what this president and his administration stand for. Disregarding what they have said, their actions over the last four years make clear what we can expect from the next Bush administration.

George Bush ran on a platform of conservative “values” in the 2000 campaign, but his real agenda was tax cuts for the wealthy. He did not disappoint. The President proposed a 1.3 trillion dollar tax cut package, using the same tired, Republican/Reaganomic argument: Simply put, tax cuts would stimulate a recovery from the recession, and create jobs.

Inexplicably, there are one million fewer jobs today than when Bush took office, despite nearly two trillion dollars in tax cuts. It was no surprise that massive tax cuts without reductions in federal spending would create huge deficits. During President Bush’s first term our trade and budget deficits climbed to over $400 billion a year each.

After passing his tax cuts, the President proposed a new “energy policy”. Enron CEO Kenneth Lay was the number one contributor to the Presidents first campaign, and he got what he paid for. President Bush signed an executive order that allowed Enron and other energy trading companies to legally extort electricity. The energy crisis that bankrupted California was a direct result of outrageous price gouging by Enron and other energy brokers.

After the energy debacle and the collapse of Enron, the Bush administration faced their first foreign crisis. Most Americans don’t remember the incident because our enemy was not Afghanistan or Iraq, but China. On April 1st 2001, a Chinese fighter aircraft collided with a US surveillance plane flying in international airspace. The US plane was forced to make an emergency landing in China, and the aircrew was held captive by the Chinese armed forces for eleven days.

Our government met all of China’s demands for the release of our airmen, and issued three apologies to the Chinese. All the while, the Bush administration assured us that there would be no change in US/China relations. It may seem strange that the US would appease China while our yearly trade deficits with that country have skyrocketed to nearly $150 billion. The truth is, most Fortune 500 companies now manufacture in China, and earn huge profits from our trade deficits by importing their products into the US.

President Bush cut taxes for the rich, brought back deficit spending, enacted a corrupt energy policy, and kowtowed to China, all before September 11th, 2001.

After that horrible day, President Bush had a new mandate; win the War on Terror. The country rallied behind him, and their was a global consensus that the perpetrators of those heinous attacks must be brought to justice. But instead of fighting that war, he chose to invade Iraq.

The problem of course is that there was no reason for the United States to invade. The Bush administration manufactured all the evidence that Iraq was developing Weapons of Mass Destruction, and that Iraq was involved in the 9/11 attacks. The President’s claim that Iraq had attempted to purchase uranium in Niger, the alleged meeting between the 9/11 hijackers and Iraqi agents, the mobile chemical weapons factories, these were not mistakes, they were all lies.

By the summer of 2002 US troops were deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq, our country was mired in recession, and defense spending was at an all time high. While Americans were being told that sacrifices had to be made, the Bush administration passed another 600 billion dollar tax cut package for the rich. They even had the nerve to call it “Patriotic Tax Relief“.

President Bush has not captured Osama bin Laden, or destroyed al-Qaeda. Instead his administration embroiled our Armed Forces in a futile guerrilla war in Iraq. So far that war has claimed the lives of over 1000 American servicemen, and seriously wounded another 6000.

Through it all, the President has made his allegiance very clear. He is not going to admit that he lied to invade Iraq, much less take responsibility for the disaster the war has become. The majority of Americans will pay for the War(s) on Terror, and finance our soaring deficits, while our wealthiest citizens pay a smaller share of the nation‘s tax burden.

Since this is what George W. Bush stands for, his re-election is a disaster for the United states.

So whose fault is it?

We can’t blame the Media. Although Wolf Blitzer did not come right out and call George Bush a scumbag, the press by and large reported the truth. The facts are all there: The Bush administration’s tax cuts are public knowledge, our deficits are public knowledge, Osama bin Laden is still at large, and there are still no WMDs in Iraq.

We can’t blame John Kerry, although he is a wishy-washy liberal, and a “nice” man. His campaign refused to attack George Bush over Iraq, tax cuts for the rich, and energy fraud. But we all knew these things anyway, thanks to the press.

Finally, we can’t blame the President. He and his neo-conservative lackeys are lying weasels and they make no bones about it. They haven’t been devious or particularly clever, they just lie, and then get on with their agenda.

No, we are responsible. The American people have given the most despicable President in US history another four years in office. We have no excuse for it, and we deserve what we are going to get.

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